Full Garden Design & Build – York Council

We were contacted by York council to provide a quote for a facility they have on the city walls just off Blossom Street.

Changing lives supports ‘York Drug and Alcohol Service provides a range of free, confidential and non-judgemental services for local residents in York who are affected by drug or alcohol misuse’

We were tasked to build a user friendly but easily manageable space for the patient’s, friends, family and staff to enjoy. The area had to be practical to use, but also easily manageable. A budget was agreed and we set about designing the area.

As the area is in a fairly busy part of town, we decided that we would need to secure the site. A new fence and gate were constructed to achieve this. They also gave the area a fresher feel then the old fence.

Artificial Grass was decided to be the best choice. It provides a green surface without all the maintenance of a real lawn. Indian stone paving was used to create a walkway through the garden with the pergola providing some shelter from the sun in the warmer months.

Due to the large project and budget, we decided that gravel would be a good way to fill the area without being too expensive. The ground underneath was replaced with top soil in order to provide more possible planting in the future.

2 small patios and some choice plants and shrubs were used to break up the space to give an attractive but low maintenance garden, which can be used for years to come.

If you walk the city walls in that area you can take a good look for yourself.