Driveway and Gate, Restricted Access – Philip & Linda

Philip and Linda had lived in their house for 27 years but never really thought the drive was a necessary investment, even though drive was filling with water every time it rained and generally looked untidy.

As Philip’s mobility decreased they began to think about having the drive and the surrounding area to the garage paved to help create a smooth level surface to help with mobility.

As they have a number of cars and continually arriving friends and family they decided to have block paving installed due to the robust, weight bearing nature of product.

The area was levelled and it was decided that instead of using steps, the whole area would incorporate ramps and gradual inclines so that if a wheel chair was ever required the setup was already there. The side of the house extends all the way round to a rear patio. We again decided to ramp this area and remove the steps so that the customer had full access to all the grounds around the house.

Even though there was a garage at the rear of the property there was actually no hard standing access. The sub-base drive that was previously there ended at the side of the house and grass had been laid up to the garage. Not idea in the colder, wetter months. We decided to continue the drive right round to this give access to the garage if they even needed to store a car there. Adding value to the property in the process.

The area was fairly large around 200m2, so a number of ACO drains were installed to deal with any top lying water. As the house is on a private road we also decided to block pave the front apron which is usually in concrete.

A large double gate was also included to separate the rear garden from the front garden, but also to give privacy and security.

The final result is an attractive, but more importantly practical solution which will serve the owners for years to come. There were so pleased with the job, we have been back since to install an Indian stone patio and maintain the trees and bushes.