Driveway & Garden Makeover – George

George had been using York Gardens Ltd for a number of years for regular work but after discussions with myself & the team we decided that his aged landscaped front garden needed redeveloping.
It had a single paved path to the front door with gravel one side for parking with a bed of over grown plants and larger unsightly rocks to the other.

George spoke to me about ideas he had and I offered him some suggestions on what we could achieve within his budget. We worked together over a couple of weeks to come up with the perfect design to pave the whole of the front drive in order to get 2 cars parked side by side, and redesign the garden area to make it more open and manageable. A new fence would be required along with some driveway lighting.

This created a number of problems with drainage as the pitch of the area falls heavily towards the house. Also we needed to retain the garden area as sloping the drive to make the 2 parking spaces, had effectively made 2 different levels. For this we put in a slim ACO drain against the house to catch any running water from the drive and built a retaining wall out of sleepers to hold back the higher level of the garden.

He also wanted a Japanese theme for the garden area as it had become overgrown and was rather unsightly. This has now been raised and levelled with a wooden sleeper edge with lighting on the inside to light up the drive at night. We persuaded him to keep a few rocks in the raised bed to break up the trees and plants and to cover the area in wood chipping’s to giving a low maintenance and professional finish.

He was delighted with the finish, getting many compliments from passers by and neighbours, who have also contacted us to take a look at their respective gardens. A difficult and time consuming project, but one we can be proud to add to our portfolio.